Hoover Children's Centers offer a developmental program dedicated to providing the environment for each child to develop and grow physically, emotionally, socially, and intellectually. 

   Our goal is to help children develop a positive self image and to feel good about themselves as individuals.  Children will be treated with respect and given an abundance of love and affection.


   Our program is designed to encourage creativity, enhance academic learning, build a positive self concept, and allow for positive social interactions with peers and adults.

   We believe children learn best when they are actively involved in dramatic play, music, movement, art, and fine and gross motor activities Children are provided with developmentally appropriate material for activities.

   Children will be encouraged to become independent and self-reliant as they make choices and decisions for their activities throughout the day.

   Visitors are welcome and encouraged to come see if one of our schools is the right place for their child.

  Parents with children enrolled in the school have the right to enter and inspect the facility at any time.


   Hoover Children's Centers prides itself on the high standards it has maintained in the selection of its teaching staff.  In addition to our staff being trained in Early Childhood Education, many with Baccalaureate Degrees, they are selected for their natural sense of warmth and caring. 

   Realizing that the growth and happiness of each child requires a team effort, our staff encourages and welcomes communication with the parents.