Infant Program


   As each infant enters our center, we form a partnership with you, the parents, to provide your child with the same degree of love, care and nurturing which you would provide at home.

   We offer a safe, clean and enriching environment, which stimulates your baby's natural curiosity and gives them the confidence to discover and interact with their surroundings.


Our Goals are to provide:


  • Each child with the sense of security, love and happiness needed for healthy development
  • The children with a staff of quality teachers and caregivers to enhance their early development.
  • An environment that is both warm and loving, and stimulates sensory/perceptual development.
  • Information for parents regarding infant care and available community resources


   Hoover Children's Center put careful consideration and effort into the research and hiring of its caregivers.  In addition to our staff being trained in infant and early childhood education, they are selected for their natural sense of warmth and caring.  These are persons whose love for infants and young children can be observed in their everyday interactions with them.  They possess the desire to know your child so well that they can anticipate, interpret and respond to each infant's needs.

Your Baby's Day

  • Developing trusting relationships with nurturing adults through attentive care giving

  • Cozy environment where each baby's activities are guided by his/her natural schedule and individual needs: multi-sensory manipulatives, books, music, free floor exploration
  • One-on-one attention during mealtime
  • Diapering time is seen as an opportunity for essential bonding
  • Quiet, restful, napping room with individual cribs

Hoover Children's Centers offers a unique program for infants.  Due to special needs in staffing and facilities, this program is available at our Daly City locationonly.